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Main Branch of the Vancouver Public Library - 350 W Georgia

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2015 Program




(until 5pm)



Jesse Brown from CANADALAND

Spry Memorial Lecture 2015 - part of a series supported by the Graham Spry Fund.

Jesse Brown runs CANADALAND, a crowdfunded news site and podcast network dedicated to media criticism. He received the Hillman Prize for Investigative Reporting and a National Magazine Award for Humour. He has hosted two national programs for CBC Radio One and written for The Guardian, The Walrus, VICE and others. He volunteers for Canadian Journalists for Free Expression and for PEN Canada.







Free event





Stop Spying on Us

will address the technical, legal, and political challenges Canadians face in working to protect and defend their privacy online.


Steve Anderson is the founder and Executive Director of the award winning civic engagement organization OpenMedia. Steve is a digital policy analyst and open Internet advocate who often appears in national and international media to comment on telecom, surveillance, and copyright policy along with other matters related to internet governance.

Micheal Vonn is a lawyer and has been the Policy Director of the BCCLA since 2004. She has been an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in the Faculty of Law and in the School of Library, Archival and Information Studies where she has taught civil liberties and information ethics.

Andrew Clement is a Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. His recent privacy/surveillance research projects include the Snowden Surveillance Archive, a complete, indexed, searchable collection of all published documents that whistleblower Edward Snowden released to journalists; and, an internet mapping tool that makes visible secret NSA internet interception sites and the routing of personal data through them.


Adel Iskandar is an Assistant Professor of Global Communication at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver/Burnaby, Canada. Iskandar's work deals with media, identity and politics; and he has lectured extensively on these topics at universities worldwide. He is a co-editor of Jadaliyya and a host of the online audio journal Status.




Beyond Fear & Great Hair: Shaping debate in #elxn42

In this panel, we bring together individuals and groups who were active in the campaign to share their experiences, reflect on their strategies, and offer some thoughts about citizen engagement in the post-election landscape.


Donald Gutstein is adjunct professor in the School of Communication at SFU and author of Harperism: How Stephen Harper and His Think Tank Colleagues Have Transformed Canada. He has written extensively on the role of corporate media in disseminating propaganda and managing democracy. He is currently studying media coverage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Jamie Biggar is the campaigns director for Leadnow and has a background in large-scale online and offline collaboration to develop policy and campaigns. He began organizing in the youth climate movement, co-founding Common Energy and goBeyond to bring university communities across British Columbia together to support regional climate action.

Anastasia Gaisenok is the Executive Director of Check Your Head: The Youth Global Education Network, a youth-centred non-profit organization that educates, activates and empowers young people around social, economic and environmental justice issues. @AnastGaisenok @check_your_head #DemocracyCheck #UpForDebate

Tara Mahoney is the Co-Founder and Creative Director for Gen Why Media and creator of Creative Publics art project that engages artists students and community members in federal election issues through art.


Milan Singh recently completed her Ph.D. in the School of Communication. Her research examines the bombing of Air India Flight 182, public inquiries, and demands for justice. She is currently a Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies on Culture and Communities at Simon Fraser University.




Changing the Channel: News, Independent Media and Campaign 2015

We have assembled a panel of dynamic and innovative independent media journalists to discuss the role of investigative journalism and critical political analysis in informing citizens, empowering marginalized voices, and exploring the relationship between politics and the public good.


Leena Minifie, Gitxaala Editor Indigenous Reporting Fund at Ricochet media. Leena is a writer, producer, editor and media maker, whose interest lies in the stories of culture, land, rights & health. Leena produced stories over the last decade for the likes of CBC, CTV, Native American Calling and APTN. She currently lives on unceded Coast Salish territories in Vancouver.

Michael Stewart is the Blogs Editor at and a freelance writer living in Victoria, B.C. He is a bad editor, a PhD dropout and a union thug. Follow him on Twitter @m_r_stewart.

The Redeye Collective has been produc- ing an independent public affairs show for over 35 years on Vancouver Co-op Radio. Jim Mainguy has been with the collective for just over three years, where he contributes to the producing, writing and hosting of the show.


Anis Rahman is a Sessional Instructor and Ph.D. Candidate (ABD) in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University. Rahmans doctoral research explores media democratization, policy reform, and journalism issues in the context of Global South.

In partnership with the SFU School of Communication, OpenMedia, Vancouver Public Library, and Fonds Graham Spry Fund

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